Lemuria Renaissance is a group to convey the messages from the Celestial World through the medium Amarie to the people of all over the world by means of books, CDs and the internet. It also intends to invoke the movement of the earth renaissance. It was 1998 the real messages of the heaven began to be conveyed to Amarie. Since then, various messages have been descended. Those messages have been open to the public on the website since 2004, and the books and CDs have been published since 2005. The energy entities of spirits which are born wearing the physical bodies from the spiritual world to this ground are our true figures. When the life of the ground is ended, one goes back to the spiritual world again. Our figures are going back and forth between the spiritual world and this ground. Why can't this reality of transmigration or reincarnation be accepted among the most of people of the ground? It is because we have lost all of the memories of the spiritual world when we are born. The reason why the human go back and forth between the spiritual world and this ground times and times is because we have to learn the love in different environment on this ground. We are the companions to learn the love one another on this earth. Being born to various countries to learn the love is our figures. So, it would be very foolish to oppose over the differences of races and religions. It is the time for the people of the earth to understand our real figure and to take hands to each other. Through that, we would be able to face the earth renaissance. To assist it, Lemuria Renaissance exists.