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The Unveiled Truth of Natural Disasters (English Edition)

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It has long been proclaimed that we are in an era where a spiritual tailwind is blowing through the Universe and the Earth is on the verge of ascension. Now, in reality, large-scale natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, and major floods are persistently occurring not only in Japan but worldwide. However, natural disasters do not signify the end of the Earth. Finally, the truth and the mindset, as well as specific coping strategies for us Earthlings to embrace a new era, are revealed by a medium Amarie, who possesses extraordinary abilities. This book serves as a beacon of hope, guiding us towards the path of Earth's ascension—a much-needed guidebook that is relevant for many people today! Contents: Preface Message to the publication of the paperback version Was the Famous Prophecy by Michel de Nostredame a Big Fake? 1. Boom of Nostredame 2. Mechanism of Prophecy 3. Leaders of the Humans of the Earth 4. Why Do Natural Disasters Occur? 5.  Mission of the Present Civilization What Is the “Ascension”? 1. Earth Is an Uncivilized Planet 2. The People Already Ascended 3. Conditions of the Ascension 4. What Does “Change Perception” Mean? 5. If We Change Our Perception… Was Natural Calamity Postponed? 1. If the Natural Calamity Occurred 2. Teachers Responsible For the Earth 3. The Reason of Religious Conflicts 4. Announce the Gods’ Messages from Japan! 5. Asking for the Postponement Dark Energy is God Itself  -  The Universe Is Expanding by God’s Will! 1. Abnormal Weather and Big Earthquakes Are the Signs of Pain of the Earth Consciousness 2. The Mechanism of Spiritual Body and Physical Body 3. What is the Divine Sprit of Universe? 4. What is the Dark Energy? 5. Science Encounters God Will Natural Disasters Occur as Predicted? 1. The Ascension of the Earth 2. Existence of the Resistance Force 3. The Earth Restoration 4. Fight Between the Light and the Darkness 5. The Moment of a Chance Afterword About the Author About Lemuria Renaissance

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