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Prayer of Gaia (English Edition)

150 JPY

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The Prayer of Gaia discloses to the humankind of this earth the Law of Cosmos via the medium Amarie. Such a law has never before been opened to us throughout the history of all the civilizations of our planet. This tells us that the time has come for we earth people to know the truth of this universe – that is, why we exist here and now. There are six messages presented by the cosmic consciousnesses ー they come from Aum, the ultimate god who created this whole universe; Antonius and Serenity, who are the consciousnesses of the Sun and Moon; and Terra and Gaia, who are the consciousnesses of our planet earth. Archangel Michael also describes the difficult history that has occurred up to now. He explains why that situation has been so hard to overcome, but why overcoming it is very important.

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