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Project Eden: Earth's Past, Present, and Future Story

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The history of the Earth’s creation and humankind, and the future as seen from the universal archives (akashic records). 12 omnibus stories reveal how the Earth evolved until now and what the law governing the Universe is. This book is the English translation of the original Japanese book “プロジェクトエデンー地球の過去・現在・未来" published in 2022. It is also a newly revised translation of "Project Eden -The Origin of Earth", published on Amazon POD in 2021. Contents are as follows; 1 Earth - Its Past, Present, and Future ~ Turning Point of the Earth Has Finally Arrived 2 Earth - The Prince of the Galaxy ~ Reasons Why the Earth is Called "Prince of the Galaxy" 3 Creation of the Human Beings of the Earth ~ The Truth Behind the Birth of Humankind Revealed for the First Time 4 Laws Penetrating the Entire Universe ~ Individuality, Creativity, Free Will, Cause and Effect, and the Law of Attraction 5 The Rise and Fall of the Earth's Civilizations ~ Why Many Civilizations Rose and Fell in the Past 6 Law of Men and Women ~ Encountering the Unique Partner Existing for Everyone 7 A Man Who Wanted to Be a God ~ The Origin of the Devil Revealed for the First Time 8 Destiny of Atlantis ~ Current Civilization Follows the Same Path as the Past Advanced Scientific Civilization 9 The Truth of the Back World ~ Revealing the Differences Between White Magic and Black Magic 10 The Truth of the Current Civilization ~ Japan Carries a Special Mission 11 From the Mother Earth ~ Message from Gaia to Every Human on Earth 12 A Shift Up Project of Earth ~ Full Picture of the Massive Project Currently Executed

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